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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday, looking back.

So, as you can probably tell, its my 16th birthday! In fact, as I was writing that last sentence I officially turned 16! Just saying I'm 16 seems so weird. It seems so old. I was thinking about where I thought I would be when I was 16 a few years ago. I had this plan, a while ago, that I would ask for recording equipment and put my original songs (which were bad) onto myspace. That sounds so lame but it was around the time when everyone was getting discovered and becoming famous from myspace. I had this big plan that I would get microphones and stuff and put these songs up and get descovered and become famous. That was my amazing career plan when I was about 13. Oh how things have changed! I was so convinced I was going to be famous yet now I couldn't care less about fame. I was also convinced that I would be so sorted and I would know myself so much. I thought I would have my own style, be so confident and look like the old girls I saw with their friends all the time. Yet I don't feel like I am any of those things. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and love my friends and  am quite confident but I don't fully know myself but I feel like that is one thing that I may never know. But i am happy (most of the time) and love my friends and my mum. I am quite happy with myself but I am not fully sorted in myself. Oh well, I guess that will come in time.

Woah, deep(ish) part of the blog over! So far today I have opened presents, lazed and read in the sun. For my birthday I got Josh Sundquist's autobiography (AMAZING - I'm on page 52 already), a top related to tetris, a book about Wicked, Glee DVD and lots more (including chocolate, since its easter). Later on today I have friends coming over for a BBQ and a sleepover which should be good. So, I did an early blog because I really wanted to talk about what I talked about.

Now I have run out of things to say so I'm going to go...

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