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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 2 :)

So, I don't have an interesting title for this blog, so I'm just going to call it day 2. I really have an urge to make BEDA a more creative thing where I talk about stuff other than just my day, I think it will make my blog a lot better in the end. I'm not too sure what exactly I will be writing about, I just know I need to do something better, so I just thought I'd inform you of that. In the meantime I will just talk about my day while I figure it out.

So, most of my day was spent at the hairdressers getting my hair done. It literally takes hours to do my hair which sucks but I like it so I can live with it. They managed to get some die on to my white top, that did not impress, as you can guess. But its all okay, it washed out. Other than that I haven't done much, I attempted to revise but gave up after doing one subject (I'm meant to do at least 2 a day) but I'll just have to do extra tomorrow. My holiday isn't going to be much of a holiday, I know it because I have so much revision and school work to do. But its worth it and I get 3 months off school in the summer! So, in conclusion, its all good!

Ever since I got this blog I have been considering starting a separate blog for all my YouTube fan girling thoughts but I don't know because I figure I might as well do it here as something I can talk about quite well (I think) so it might make this blog a bit more interesting. Honestly, this blog post is just kind of me talking about what this blog is about. I have come to the conclusion that this blog is just my thoughts and a random place where I can talk to and about myself.

So, a weird blog post today but a blog post non the less. That is always good!

Today was awesome because: It was a lazy day!

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