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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Numero tres

So, today has been a boring day which usually results in a boring blog but I'm going to attempt to go against what I normally do because that is what BEDA is about for me. I went to church, watched TV, revised and watched videos. That is my day. Nothing interesting happened at all so I'm going to move on now.

Today I spent some time on a site called Ask Elizabeth. I spent quite a lot of time on there. It really is an amazing site. The concept is basically to help teenage girls who have certain questions or are going through certain things in their lives. I spent some time on the site looking at the videos that are up there. I spent the most time on the section about loosing loved ones because it is the section that I can relate to the most, having lost my grandparents and my dad when I was younger. It nearly made me cry but I think that is good sometimes. I could relate to a lot of the girls on there but it really made me realize how lucky the kids growing up in America are, as they seem to grow up much slower than the kids here.

I do feel, and have felt for some time, that the children in America grow up a lot slower than the children here in the UK do. I have a few reasons for this and, since I enjoyed doing a list the last time I did one in this blog, I have decided to make a list of these reasons.

  • Children in America go start high school aged 14/15 whereas in the UK we start high school when we are 11, I feel like high school forces you to grow up a lot and completely changes you.
  • From the American videos/TV programs I have seen all the kids seem to act a lot younger, a lot of times I hear about a lot of people the same age as me like the things I would expect younger people to like a lot more.
  • American teenagers don't really have to have big exams/choices until they are 18, whereas we have to choose our options at 14 and our A levels at 16 which could effect the rest of our lives.
  • As far as I know, less kids in America are getting pregnant at 14ish, whereas I now know someone in my school who had an abortion at 13 and got pregnant at 14. The sad thing is that, compared to some others, this girl is relatively old.
Okay, so those are the reasons I feel like American kids grow up a lot faster than the kids here in the UK. Let me know if some of my facts are incorrect and this is just my opinion, I just wanted to share it because that is what this blog is about to me.

Today was awesome because: I did a lot of revision!

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