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Friday, 22 April 2011

Not Blogging every day At All

I said I would try to blog every day. I didn't. If you saw me on Monday night you would understand. I have just been so ridiculously stressed this week. On Monday I had to learn a 1 and a half page thing for Spanish the next day. I also had a past paper to do that would take me 1 hr 15 mins. So, that got me very stressed, along with the fact that I stayed behind after school for about 2 hours. After walking home I literally worked on my Spanish all night and had no time to relax/blog/do other revision. I stayed on Tuesday as well and got told that I needed to be more stressed than I all ready was which did not help. Having my drama teacher telling me I have to have more stress after how stressed I was the previous night was very hard and I turned into a bit of a bitch in that lesson. Wednesday was more of the same really, it was mostly filled with dreading Thursday. On Thursday I had to get into school an hour early (7:30) and stay for what I thought would be a really long time. It didn't end up being too bad. I think I was so focused on not being a bitch to my friends that I actually seemed to have quite a good day. I lived through it and had a lazy night then quite a busy day today.

Today was quite a productive day really. We got a few things from a packed ASDA, got some stuff for my mum for the garden and successfully bought prom shoes and a summer dress. I'm so happy with both the things I bought today! I was having trouble finding a dress because I don't feel like any dresses really suit me. But this dress was really nice and it actually suited me! If the weather is nice on Sunday, I'm probably going to wear it! The prom shoes are really simple but I like it because it means my dress is the focus and I can wear them with other things as well. The heel is quite big as well, which I'm happy with. My mum wanted me to get a small heel but I didn't want to and, for once, I got what I wanted over what my mum wanted for me! Now I just need to practice walking in them with a long skirt/dress. I'm happy!

I found this picture today, through twitter, and it is so ridiculously me it is un-real so I had to include it in todays blog. 

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