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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Type like I talk. Type the wrong words.

Random title. Fun times. So, I blogged yesterday and I'm also blogging today, thats big stuff! So, what's happened in the last 2 days (since yesterday was a blog from the day before). I feel the need for a list! What happened in the past few days:

    • On Friday, I went bowling with some friends
    • I took 124 pictures at this bowling
    • I realized I say so way to much!
    • We had to scrap our costume idea and come up with a new costume idea
    • We went to town to get stuff for our costumes
    • I revised, but not as much as I should have
So, I'll start with what happened with our costumes for celebration day. Our rubick's cube idea needed 8 people for it to work and one person dropped out of our group so we had to come up with another idea. But we did so its all good! We have decided to be angles because most of the teachers like us and it's the only thing we could think of. So, yeah, that's what we are going for celebration day! 
Today we went to town and got wings/dresses for it. So I think most of the costume is sorted! 

Yesterday a group of us went bowling with a youth club we go to and we had a really good time! I'm going to put some of my favourite pictures on here because I can.

This is everyone who was there, not that many people but they're kind of my best friends and I love them!

My friend, Beth, being her usual dirty minded self, this is why I lover her!

My new name, Kahryn. Pronounced a bit like Karen in a Welsh accent (you have to pronounce the H.

A weird picture of me that I strangely like.

Me and Chloe, my friend I've known since I was 4.

Dan with "his precious" bowling ball (It was the smallest, lightest one we got and was just right for me)

Me, kissing my friend, Emma's, cheek. Because I love her.

A picture of the bumper cars we went on. These included me managing to hit my teeth with my camera. Fun!

So, that was my night in pictures. I took a lot! It was a fun night and I love taking pictures when me and my friends are together to remind me of the good times we had when I'm all old and stuff.

Today was awesome because: I bought some nail polish that cracks and looks really cool!

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