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Friday, 3 June 2011

A day of awesome things

There is one summer plan I have not remembered to mention one of my geekiest, yet probably the one I am most excited about! I plan to re-read the Harry Potter books, for many reasons. I had planned to make YouTube videos about them, recording my reactions and stuff but now I think I would rather blog about them now. One of the main reasons I was going to do this was to make the YouTube videos about it and get involved with the HP community on YouTube. But now I feel like I would prefer to blog about it because I find that a lot easier. So, I may try to do that as part of BEDA for August. So, thats another thing happening in the summer! I just wanted to let you know about that, because I felt like it!

As you will soon see, a lot of awesome things happened today! I didn't realize it until I was looking back on it, but it's true! I wrote one, then remembered another one, then another, then another! So, here they all are...

Today was awesome because: I went for a meeting at the bank today (awesome in itself - I feel so grown up saying that!) and the man who was talking to us just looked like the type of guy in an advert. But a very specific advert. I think it's the Pepsi Max advert, it's the one where there are a bunch of guys who do silly things to get out of jobs they have to do just so they can drink Pepsi (I think). Yes, it is a very random advert/thing to notice about someone but this guy just looked like a guy from one of those adverts. It amused me the whole time we were there, so that is my awesome thing for the day!

Today was also awesome because: I found John Green's book in Waterstone's! I never even knew that his book (or books) were available in the UK. So, I bought one of his books! It looks quite good actually, I'm looking forward to reading it!

Bonus today was awesome because: I was a child again! Me and my mum went on a walk today (in training for the starlight walk) and on the way we found a "play priority area" so, naturally we played! I decided to go down the slide and then we played stepping stones and just basically had fun! It was great!

Today was awesome AGAIN because: It was hot! For once!

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