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Thursday, 2 June 2011

My past 2 days.

I have had quite a good couple of days recently. I have seen my friends a lot and I absolutely love it! So, here is basically what I have been doing...

Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my friendlings out and about because we haven't had a chance to see each other/celebrate since leaving school. We planned to go see a film or something but when we arrived at the cinemas it was absolutely packed! So we scrapped that and walked up to Starbucks which was about 15 minutes away (I don't actually know, that was a complete guess) because, even though there is a costa coffee AT the cinemas, a few of our friends decided we HAD to go to Starbucks. I have weird friends, I think that's what makes me so weird! So we walked up there, got drinks/snacks and walked back. That took quite a lot of time and was very fun. On the way back we came across a random field that had long grass and kind of looked like it was straight out of a movie so we decided to sit there for a bit. That consisted of lying on each other, eating and (the 3 of us who know them) singing a long to AVPM songs. That was fun, although my hay fever made me pay for it last night/today. I think it was worth it! After some moaning about needing the toilet/hay fever starting to get bad we left the feild and walked to ASDA to relieve said needing of the toilet and buy some food. We did that and took our ben and jerry's mini pots to a random bit of grass and sat there and talked/played more AVPM. We also named a tree Kathryn Woods but thats something else...
After a while we saw one of our other friends who was meant to be meeting us but was with some other friends and so, after a considerable amount of yelling we got him to come and sit with us. That was fun, until the security guard came over and told us to go away. That resulted in some of us wanting to walk up to another field that was ages away and me saying no because I had to go soon. That was fun. So instead we walked somewhere for a bit, passed some swans and ducklings and ended up at a park near my house, at which I stayed until I had to go (well duh). So, that was a fun day. That probably doesn't sound to fun in writing but, believe me it was great! With my friends you don't really know what will happen and you can garrentee there will be some dirty jokes made because that's just us!

So, that was my fun day and today was actually okay. I went into school for physics revision because my teacher has been off a lot recently. That was actually okay, I prefer revision sessions SO much more than actual lessons, we always end up talking to the teacher about something completely unrelated to the subject which is fun. So, that was my day really, we had some laughs, learnt some stuff and it was fun to be with my friends, especially because I'm not really going to have that next year.

Those were my last couple of days!

In other, exciting news (well for me, probably not for you) my prom dress has come back and I'm going for a fitting for it on Saturday! Yay! It is actually 28 days until prom, not that I'm counting down to it or anything...

Today was awesome because: It was sunny!

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