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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My 102nd Blog

I just noticed that I missed my 100th blog! I'm quite gutted! I literally saw it go from 95th to 99th blog and planned to announce my 100th blog but, of course, I missed it! Thats just what happens to me! So, I'm just making a point that this is my 102nd blog!

So, I feel like I haven't blogged in ages so I feel like I should update you on my life. Not much has really happened since Friday but, you know, I'm going to tell you all the boring stuff! Saturday and Sunday were boring revision days, nothing to report there. Yesterday (Monday) was an okayish day, I had a maths exam at 1pm so me and a few friends went into school to revise for a bit before the exam.Well, we planned to revise, it didn't work out to well. So, instead of revision we walked up to the shop/chippy near school and hung round in our friend's old form room for a bit before heading to the exam. It was quite fun, just being with my friends. Today, I had a Physics exam at 1 again and didn't bother going in early, I just went in for the exam. Both the exams were okayish, they could have been worse! I kind of like going in for these exams because it gives me a way to see my friends and talk to them and stuff. I actually miss school because of the people. It was so weird on Monday, being in school but not having a set time to be in a set place all the time. It was weird but I guess I'll have to get used to it!

In other, StarKid, news: I'm obsessed! I literally haven't stopped watching StarKid stuff when I'm not revising! Plus, I have converted Chloe, one of my best friends, into a StarKid! I love converting people into StarKids, its the best! Wow, I overuse exclamation marks when talking about StarKid. Today is kind of a big day for StarKid today, they have a book coming out! The book is a bit of a mystery in itself and its coming out at 6pm cst, which is midnight here in the UK. Unfortunately, I'm unable to stay up tonight because I need to get up early to go into school for (actual) revision tomorrow. But I'm actually really excited about it! I know its an e book so I won't need to order anything! Ahhh, excitement is making me not make sense! Basically, i'm obsessed with StarKid, the Bully Book is coming out today and I'm re watching AVPM/AVPS in honor of the Bully Book coming out!

Today was awesome because: I literally saw water evaporating off the path while going for a walk with my mommy.

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