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Friday, 17 June 2011


Don't ask about the title of this blog. I don't know. I had nothing else to call it so there you go!

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, mainly because I have bee on tumblr a lot (sorry). I got tumblr a while ago and liked it but moved to here because I prefered this kind of blog. But then I went on tumblr and saw the AMAZING StarKid stuff on there. As you almost definitely know, I am completely and utterly obsessed with StarKid. I saw some of these great StarzKid blogs and thought I'd have a look. Now I'm obsessed. There is so much amazing stuff on there. There are SO many StarKid blogs, with SO much good stuff on there. That is the reason my blog it titled I reblog a lot, because I reblog A LOT of stuff. I also put screen shots from my iPod up there. But I won't be abandoning this blog. For me, tumblr is about amazing pictures and gifs and blogspot is about good writing and recording my life. So I am obsessed with tumblr but promise to stay on here!
My tumblr is...
because that is what it is...

These past few days I haven't done anything and I'm loving it! I had my last GCSE on Wednesday and the end of the exam was the. best. feeling. ever. I love not having to revise and haven't got to the bored stage yet, so it's all good! I have been entertained with fangirling over StarKid and am probably going to start writing some fanfic because I love reading Tup fanfic so much. I will post updates about it on here soon.

Tonight I am doing the Starlight walk. This is a midnight walk that the hospice my dad was in that is either half a marathon (I think). So, to do this I need to still have energy to walk a lot at midnight which should be fun. Luckily, being off school has messed up my sleeping a bit so staying up shouldn't be too bad, the hard part will be not being a zombie. That is always hard. But hopefully it will be okay, I'll be with others so I might be okay. I don't know...

These past few days I have found myself wishing I could have got into the things I am into now a lot earlier. I wish I could be a PotterHead now. I've read the books but not seen all the movies and can't really remember much of the books. That is why I plan to read them this summer, after that I want to watch the films. I think I'm going to do that with my friends as some of them are PotterHeads. I wish I had found StarKid a lot earlier because then I may have become closer to more people earlier. I don't know, I just wish I could have been cooler earlier I guess. Oh well, maybe it's better that I found out now, now I have interesting things to do over the summer!

In these past few days I have sent off 2 things that will be given to StarKid. That's amazing. It means that TeamStarKid will know I exist. That's just wow. I really hope we get to see a response to them! I think both of the things I've contributed to are going to be totally awesome (sorry, I couldn't resist). They are both things that are going to be given/sent to the StarKid crew with a lot of fans' opinions/things they want to say to StarKid. So, I think these things are great :D

Ah, this has been an all over the place blog! Sorry!

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