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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I should post.

So, I've not been posting much for a few days. Mostly because I couldn't be bothered but also because I have nothing to say. I just don't have anything to blog about really, but I feel like I should blog, so I am...
Knowing me though, I'll probably find a lot to say in this blog, because my mind seems to explode like that sometimes.

So, I'm going to do a prom update because it's next week and I have quite a lot of news! Today I had my practice prom hair appointment and I'm happy with it! I have a picture that I'll post at the end of this paragraph, so I now know how my hair is going to be, good times. Also, today the prom dress shop called to say that my dress is ready! Yayayayayayayayyyy! I'm going in tomorrow to pick it up. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but a few weeks ago I had my fitting and all the alterations are done now! So, we're going to pick it up tomorrow some time, fun times! I can't believe that prom is a week on Thursday! That's like soon and stuff. I know. Mid = blown.
So, this is my prom hair...

Okay, prom, girlyness over now! Sorry, Dan if you're reading this, I'm sad you can't go to prom :(

Anyway, what else have I been up to recently? Not much really, I don't actually have to do anything so I'm not doing that much really. Mainly I've been on the laptop creeping on StarKids and what-not. StarKid has pretty much taken over my life right now. As of today I have 2 fanfictions partly written. I tried to carry on with an old one today but I just wasn't in the mood I guess, it just wasn't going well so I gave up because it wasn't going anywhere. I decided to try starting another one but that didn't go that well either. So I guessI wasn't in the fanfic writing mood today.

I have been seriously creeping on the StarKids recently, probably a bad passtime but it's far to enjoyable to give up! It's probably bad all round but I just kind of want to be them a lot and that doesn't help. So, yeah, I think I need to see my friends more!

Also, I'm kinda loving tumblr a lot right now, seriously it's awesome. Just sayin'

I have now run out of things to say. I had a today was awesome because but I forgot here's a different one!

Today was awesome because: I discovered this blog: which is probably one of the best things on the internet. Ever.
Today was ALSO awesome because: I did the washing up in my prom heels whilst blasting out music because I could (and my mum said that if I don't wear my heels everyday from now until prom she won't let me go to prom)

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