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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Uhm, so I had a social life?

So, the past few days (okay, only thursday and friday) I have been suprisingly busy having a social life and kind of loved it!

Thursday was one of my best friend's birthdays so we all went out for a meal and back to hers for a sleep over. It was great! We went to a chinese buffet where I resisted the urge to make a racist AVPM reference (I'm not racist it just popped into my head) and we saw a VERY top heavy man who was very funny. After that we walked round town for a bit because our bus was late. That consisted of Sally dancing in front of a security guard, me making a complete fool of myself talking to someone who wasn't talking to me but I thought so and playing tag. Yes, it was a 16th birthday party, yes we are 15/16, yes we're childish, yes we know how to have fun. I love my friends. So much.

After the meal we went back to Sally's and drank a bit, laughed a lot and were our silly selves. I have to say, seeing friends drunk is fun! I surprised myself with how mum-like I became though, my friend kept going to the loo and all I could think was that she needed to have something non alcoholic to drink because I know alcohol can make you dehydrated. So, we have come to the conclusion that I'm going to be the one looking out for everyone and be the designated driver because I'm like that. I kind of like that though. I like taking care of my friends so its all good. After some funny drunk slurrings and a lot of laughs we decided to watch AVPM for the friends who hadn't watched it. That failed as the 2 friends who hadn't seen it just talked through it. But it was fun non the less. That took us to 1am because its so long and then we somehow stayed up talking until 5am. The things we talked about were deep. Like, sillily deep. It was great though, I enjoy talking about that kind of thing!

I managed to get about 2 hours sleep that night because the room was boiling and it was light by the time we settled down to sleep and Sally's family were getting up as well. So that was fun. Then, Friday I was a bit of a zombie until I went to choices. Choices was great, we had a BBQ even though it was raining and sat inside just chilling, as we do. That was also fun and I really wasn't that tired by the end of the day. Well, I wasn't that  tired until I lay on my bed. Then I basically collapsed, I must have gone to sleep straight away for the first time in ages.

Unfortunately I had to be up at 7 this morning to go for my second prom dress fitting. They said it should be ready by Wednesday which is good because prom is on Thursday. We went into town today as well and we found my prom jewelry and nail polish that matches my dress. So I now have everything for prom, except the dress! Fun!

Today I was looking up StarKid stuff on the internet and I was looking up Julia Albain and discovered all about her book and everything. She just seems like she has one of the most beautiful minds in the world. I really want to read her book but I can't decide whether to download the file or order a paper copy of the book, I really don't know what to do. One of the reasons Julia inspires me is because she's normal sized. The same goes for Jaime as well, I love Lauren Lopez but admiring really thin people like her tends to make me really insecure. It sounds silly but that's what happens to me. The fact that Julia and Jaime aren't tiny kind of helps me to accept myself. I haven't read too much about Jaime but the way Julia seems to think and write inspires me to write more and try and just do more. So, I got quite inspired by her today. It was kind of random but I liked it.

I wish I was a lot more creative though. I wish I could act and sing. I wish I was talented enough to be a theatre kid but I've tried that and I'm no good at it so I'll just do other things instead, there are lots of non creative things I can do with my time!

This blog has been long and kind of all over the place but that's what it's for! Just like my mind I guess, I love it!

Today was awesome because: I picked raspberries outside feeling kind of inspired and it just felt kind of amazing, I don't know why but it did. It's the simple things.

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