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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Very StarKid Blog...for once.

Yes, I am obsessed. Very obsessed. My life has kind of become a mix of revision and StarKid and nothing much else. That's mainly why I haven't blogged much, because I haven't got much to say! These past few days (actually, more like nearly a week now, wow) I have just been revising and watching stuff on YouTube. I guess I have found a lot more ways to get involved with the StarKid community.
StarKid things I have discovered in the past few days:

    • The Bully Book (AWESOME)
    • The live chat they did with RedVines
    • The amazing StarKidness that exists on tumblr (WOW)
    • Starkid (mainly Taz and Up) fan fiction 
I think I talked a bit about The Bully Book on my last blog, I guess it hadn't come out yet and I was excited about it. Well, it came out and I read it in 2 days. It is kind of amazing. If you can you should check it out! For some reason its listed as a children's book but I disagree with that, I think it is good for all ages! Maybe that's just my opinion but, oh well! I literally finished The Bully Book on the morning of my maths exam on Friday. I got ready and sat in the living room reading for as long as I could leave it. It turns out that is the perfect amount of time to finish the book! 

On Thursday there was a live "fireside chat" with TeamStarKid. It was at 6:30pm their time but 00:30 UK time so I ended up downloading the UStream app on my iPod Touch and stayed up reading The Bully Book until it was time to watch it. Which I did, half asleep. Thankfully it was only half an hour long, I expected it to be a lot longer but I'm kind of glad it wasn't because I don't think I could have stayed up much longer, after I had managed to wake up at 4:30am that morning. Clever me. So, that was awesome! I have watched it a few more times on the YouTubes because the sound was out of sync. So, I was shattered from that for a while!

In the past few days I have found the amazing StarKid community on tumblr. Seriously, the stuff on there is amazing! There is a fuck yeah for literally every StarKid and the things posted on there are so great its unbelievable! Just, wow! Through one of these tumblrs I have found the amazingness that is fan fiction. I found the whole think on the fuckyeahtazandup tumblr. The fan fiction with Taz and Up is just amazing! They are probably one of the best couples in StarKid history. I don't care that Lauren and Joe say that Taz and Up have a platonic relationship, they will always be in love in my head! Sorry, but they will! 

This is basically just my rantings about StarKid. As you can tell now, I am completely OBSESSED with TeamStarKid. They just seem like these amazing people and I wish so much that I'd have found out about their supermegafoxyawesomehot-ness earlier. Only StarKid can make people fall in love with Voldemort, make people feel sorry for a dick and get people to love bugs. Seriously, if my ramblings about them don't make you check them out, I don't know what will!

I may have to shut up now, I have spouted enough rubbish for one night.

 I leave you with an awesome thing...
Today was awesome because: I discovered Tup fan fiction

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