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Friday, 22 July 2011

Burn Baby Burn!

Yesterday us girls went over to one of our houses for a birthday/burning revision party. I hadn't seen some of my girls in at least 2 weeks and I missed them SO much and we always have fun when we're together so I was looking forward to it a lot! It didn't disappoint! As a group we are just completely crazy and within about 5 minutes I was laughing. Again, I forget what I was laughing at but I was laughing and laughter is fun, therefore laughter is good. We just kind of went a bit crazy then walked up to the chippy for tea and sang Going Back To Hogwarts on the way back. We decided that we're going to see the last Harry Potter on Saturday so we had a bit of a Harry Potter marathon while we were there.

After eating and watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone we went out and started the burning of revision in a BBQ! It was probably the most unsafe thing possible; six 16 year olds with matches, lighter fluid and a lot of paper. But no one died, or even got burned so it's all good! We must have spent at least an hour burning all our hard work for our GCSEs. It felt like a kind of goodbye, like it really was the end of them. I have to say though, throwing my revision folder on the fire as the very last thing felt great! We reduced our huge piles into a lump of ash and then went back in and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because apparently the second film is crap. Watching that produced the highlight of the night. Draco flew a picture that he'd drawn of Harry falling off his broom or something to him and we lost it. Completely, I still haven't fully gotten over it! This will only actually make sense to you if you've seen AVPM/S but it was hilarious! We sat there laughing for a good few minutes!

After watching that film we decided to just talk for a bit because there wasn't time to finish the next film before 5am. So we stayed up talking/laughing/telling stupid scary stories until about 4am. That was fun and once we eventually decided to go to sleep resulted in a bit of scaremongering. We managed to stay asleep until about 10:30 this morning, although I'd been dozing for a few hours before because I wake up with light (tres annoying). Once we were awake we had cake as breakfast and watched 2 more Harry Potter films and didn't go home until 3:30pmish! It was a good party!

Tomorrow we've got another friend's birthday party where we're watching the last Harry Potter so that should be just as fun!

I don't really have much else to say so I'm going to go....

Today was awesome because: Me and my friends didn't get dressed until her little brother was home from school!

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