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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Harry Potter and other such stuff

Yesterday was a fairly busy day, I think it sounds a lot busier than it felt but I guess I did a lot. I had another 2 birthday parties and a keyboard lesson. My keyboard lesson was just like my normal keyboard lesson so nothing to say there! Afterwards we went home, had lunch then went straight out again to our ex next door neighbour's 90th birthday party. That was, well, a 90th birthday party. Not really the place for a 16 year old but it could have been worse! Oh well, we went after a couple of hours because I had to get to one of my friend's birthday parties which this blog is essentially going to be about...

We arrived at my friend's with the plan to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 then go to the cinemas and watch part 2. So, that's what we did! We watched part 1 and talked/criticized/laughed through it, as we tend to do because we can't help it. Nothing really stands out from watching that, other than having Maccies for tea. After watching and eating we walked up to the cinema talking about the usual, StarKid stuff and everything. We got our tickets out and went to find seats in the (kind of) crowded screen then talked until/through the adverts.

I have a lot to say about the films so I'm go back to that good way of blogging I have: bullet pointing. So, here goes...
Our overall group experience with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:

  • First of all, we're pretty sure everyone in the cinema hated us. You'll see why by the end of the blog.
  • Dirty minded friend ruined the film a little bit (in a jokey way) by telling me that she wanted to stick voldemort's wand up his nose every time she saw him. It's hard to take him seriously when you're thinking that every time you see him
  • Our group were commenting pretty much until the battle of Hogwarts really began and we're not the quietest group of people
  • Personally, the funniest occurrence was when one of the snatchers put his foot forward to check if the shield around Hogwarts had been broken and mad friend said "I take my foot" which resulted in explosions of laughter from our group. This was a very tense and serious moment and we were just laughing, quite loudly
  • During a very very sad bit me and funny friend were crying, along with others I expect and then funny friend began laughing, making me laugh. This was, again, at a hugely inappropriate time and we were just laughing loudly again.
  • As you can probably tell, our group was the loudest in the cinema and if you've seen the film then you know how funny the part where Voldemort hugs Draco is. However, our group must have been the only people who were laughing during this time. I have no idea why no one else was laughing at it, but no one else was and again, we were laughing.
So, that was how we ruined the movie for everyone else. I feel a bit bad but in another way it was just funny and I never regret laughing! I have to say though, my favourite part was when McGonagall had cast a particularly BAMF-esque charm and then turned to Mrs. Weasley and said "I've always wanted to do that." Just, love.

I also fell completely in love with Luna. That whole character is just amazing. I especially loved it when they were staying at a safe house somewhere and she saw the beauty in the wind chime. I have always and hope I will always see beauty in the little things and I automatically love the people who do that. She is one of those people who sees things slightly differently to everyone else and that just helps everything and that quality is one that I admire a lot. I think she is one of my favourite characters.

So, they are my opinions on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I wasn't going to go see the film until I'd properly caught up with the movies and re read all the books but I've kind of done that and I'm actually glad I experienced the film like that for the first time with my friends in a full cinema. 

After watching the film we went back to smart friend's house and had a sleepover. It was fun; we talked, we laughed, I woke up when no one else was awake as usual. It was also my 4th bithday celebration in 4 days. I feel slightly popular. It's weird having a social life...

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