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Friday, 1 July 2011


It was prom yesterday and it was a really great night! We got a limo there and back which was possibly the best part of the night, we basically raved the whole time. I honestly think I could have stayed in there all night and been very happy. This is probably quite sad but oh well. It was a great way to end our high school education but I really couldn't do it every year! We ate our meal, got a lot of pictures and even danced a bit! The meal was surprisingly nice and everyone looked so stunning! As I've said before it was a great night but I kept expecting to see my friend, Dan who is on holiday so couldn't come (sadface). It kind of felt wrong that he wasn't there but I've decided that we're going to do something after results day!

Here are some pictures because I like picture blogs...

Those were some of my favourite pictures.

Afterwards we had a sleepover which was good, I love my friends so much! But I'm kind of tired now so I'm going to go to bed...

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