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Friday, 12 August 2011

BEDA Day 12: Social media

Before you read this blog watch this video.

I found it because Julia Albain tweeted it and thank God she did because it's inspired me with what to write about today! The video more or less says what I wanted to say in my blog about the internet earlier on this month. Why is it that others can say what I'm thinking so perfectly, yet I struggle to put my thoughts into blogs that make sense?

At the end of the video it says "We are in the midst of something special. You've got the love. How will you share it?" and it's that statement which really inspired me today. I believe we are in the midst of something special. Thanks to social media I know so many more people. It's such a special thing to be experiencing. We are literally living the change.

One thing that truly baffled me was when it said "more words are being written everyday on twitter than Shakespeare wrote in his whole life". That's really struck a chord with me because the internet has made me appreciate writing and reading more. In a way I've gone the opposite way to most people. It seems like (at one point at least) the internet was killing reading and books etc. but honestly, it's got me back into books. Finding books on here that others love has made me read them and love them. The internet has made me want to read. It has also brought writing back in my life. I think I've mentioned it before but when I was younger I used to want to be a writer and started (but never finished) writing countless stories and always gave up. I just stopped trying one day. Then I got a blog. This blog has changed me. It has made me love writing again, it's not the same type of writing but it's still writing. Until I read that I thought that it wasn't too common for the internet to have made people love writing more but now I think that the internet has inspired a new way of writing; one that everyone can take part in.

I suppose the ultimate message of the video is that we can change things through the internet. We can do good with the influence we have on here and that is definitely something I want to act on. I do want to make a difference and help people and I want to do part of it here, on the internet. But I'll talk more about that in a different blog.

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