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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BEDA Day 16: Never growing up

I am never going to grow up. I will always hold on to that little bit of magic, I'm always going to see the beauty in things. I want to always see some good in people, because it's possible. I don't care if that makes me naive or stupid, I always want to be childlike. Maybe it's one of the reasons I'm attracted to working with children, doing that will help me always slightly see things from a child's perspective.

Just a bit of inspirational ramblings that popped into my head when I started writing this blog...

The magical thing about being a child is that you're innocent. You aren't aware of any of the messed up things in the world, you're guided around life, you don't have to think, you just do. The simplest things can be the best things in the world. You can be entertained for hours with just one simple toy, a song or even a word. It's amazing.

I miss that. I miss not having to think, people would think about the hard things for you. You just thought about what you were playing with. Everything was so simple. Then we grow up. I feel like, as we grow up, we have a choice. At one point or another I believe we all think "life is shit". However, we can choose whether to live this opinion or accept it and try to make it less shit. There are hard times but we get through them, we have no choice. I do think we have a choice as to how much we let it affect us though. I know we can't help it if things get to us and get us down but I do think that we can choose to focus on other things, take our minds off them instead of wallowing. It's up to us.

These past few days I've been choosing wrong. I've been letting stuff get me down for no good reason. I'm going to try and stop that. It's not worth it.

I may have just helped myself...I've never done that before. I love this blog so much.

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