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Thursday, 25 August 2011

BEDA Day 25: Results

Well, I got my results. After a night and morning of nervousness I headed into school to wait some more and receive my results. I'm pleased! I got : 
  • Music - B
  • Psychology - A
  • Maths - A
  • Spanish - B
  • Drama - B (no idea how that happened)
  • RS - A (no idea how that happened either)
  • AIDA - Credit (equivalent to a B)
  • Biology - A
  • Chemistry - A*
  • Physics - A
  • English Lit - B
  • English Lang - A
I'm happy with that. I got As in all the subjects I want to do next year, got a lot better than I thought I would in Drama and didn't get any Cs! I wouldn't have been disappointed if I got a C, I was expecting one. For that reason I am happy about it! The best thing is, none of my friends were disappointed so we were all riding a high. We decided to go back to smart arse friend's house, since it was empty and none of us had anything else to do! However, on the way there smart arse friend (who managed to get all As and A*s, there's a reason for that name) discovered that she had to be back at school in 45 mins for a smart people picture. Instead of getting to her house and then coming out again, we went back to school and waited for a bit. During the photos everyone in our group who wasn't a smart arse just kind of chilled until a woman with a camera wanted to film someone fake taking out their results from an envelope we didn't get. Naturally, I stepped back. Crazy crazy haired friend ended up using fringed friend's results (she'd gone home and left them there before we planned to hang out) for it. So, if you're in north west England you may have seen my friend opening my other friend's results on the news! After the smart people's pictures had been done we had a tour of the new college building (it looks AMAZING, I can't wait to start!) with the head teacher. It was fun and, like I said, I can't wait to start college now! When we eventually got to smart arse friend's house, we spent the afternoon hanging out, talking, laughing and watching videos and TV. It was fun! I wish I saw my friends more outside school....

I'm not sure what my blogging habits are going to be like over the next few days; we have family friends visiting tomorrow so I don't know how much access I'll have to the laptop. I will have internet on my iPod though so I'll try to write a little bit each day...

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