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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

BEDA Day 31: Last Day!

It's the last day of August! I can't believe it's here already! As short a month as it's seemed, lot has happened in August. One thing I do know is that this month, I've changed. I like how I've changed though, so it's all good! This month I've grown up. I've become more sure of what I want to be and, with that more confused about some things in the future. It's good confusion though, I think it's the kind of confusion I should have. When I was very set in my path it was boring. I don't think I was happy. Now I'm happy saying "I want to do this general thing and experience whatever on the way" I guess it just suits me more!

Volunteering has been a huge part of my month and it's helped me with so many things. It's helped me realize what I want to do. It's also helped me develop my skills with children. I'm so much more comfortable interacting with children after this month, I understand different ways to get through to them now. I can tell them off! That's something I never thought I'd be able to do! I feel like volunteering has also made me slightly more comfortable in social situations. I still am and will always be an awkward turtle but the fact that I went to volunteering not knowing anyone I'd be working with and, although I didn't make any really good friends, I managed to get along with the people I was working with and I wasn't miserable. That's an achievement for me!

This month I've also become more confident at blogging. It's something I was going away from but a combination of doing BEDA and reading Julia Albain's blogs/book has made me love blogging. I really have grown to love it. As many times as I've thought "I really can't be bothered" this month, I've managed to put something out everyday. They weren't all about actual stuff but I have written something in this blog everyday for a month. I'm proud of that.

I'm pretty sure I had a lot more to say in this blog but, as always, I can't remember it!

By the way:

  • I have now listened to Holiday Club by Jim and the Povolos over 30 times
  • I am completely obsessed and in love
  • As predicted I had a big blog in my head about Julia Albain at 1am in the morning
  • That always happens
  • I want to blog tomorrow but I feel like I need a day off

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