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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Internet People

This post is going to be very similar to others I've made but I don't care because I need to say this.

During the past few days I have made a couple of what I think/hope will be very good friends over the internet. The most recent ones have been through tumblr. Let me tell you a little story...
A couple of nights ago I came across a post on tumblr that was a suicide note. A 13 year old girl had decided to take her own life and swallow a load of pills. Obviously, this disturbed me and I immediately wanted to stop this from happening. I did everything I could think of and so did many other people. I got quite upset that night, all I wanted to do was help this girl. I did everything I could to raise awareness by reblogging her posts etc. Although I got upset, I was still so grateful for the fact that so many people cared. I think that post had 600+ notes (meaning it had been reblogged 600+ times) and so many people were trying to find some way to help. It was kind of beautiful.

Through this night I made 2 friends. Both I'd been talking to before this but I don't think it would have lasted as well as I think they will without that night. Both of these people not only cared about this girl but seemed to care about how I was feeling throughout it. That means so much to me. The fact that people on tumblr in general have taken time to try and cheer me up at times when I've been feeling down means so much. I don't know why but the fact that complete strangers care means a lot to me. On the internet, tumblr especially, I've found some of the nicest people who genuinely seem to care and who I care about. It's amazing. What I love most is the fact that they have the potential to bring so much in to my life yet if it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't have known they exist. It's made me think that I need to be more open to different people in real life. I talk to people of all different ages and backgrounds through the internet, most are people I wouldn't consider possible friends if I met them in real life first. I guess it's just easier to let people in through the internet.

Through StarKid I have met some amazing people. I'm part of a facebook group called The Starkid Affirmation and it has become a family. All of us on there love each other, we have such a community. We have recently started a pen pal thing, because of them I have 2 email and 2 letter pen pals. I love every person in that group, as I have told them many times.

I am in love with the community surrounding StarKid, everyone is so amazing. These amazing actors and writers have created something wonderful.

I've mentioned a few times in this post about how easy I find it to talk to strangers over the internet and it got me thinking about why I feel like this. In general, I find it hard to talk about actual, real stuff in person. I am so much more comfortable typing out my problems instead of talking about them with someone. I don't know why, I just have trouble talking about serious things out loud. Maybe that's why I have found so much love in writing. Maybe it's also because these people don't know your life story (unless you choose to tell them) maybe that makes it easier to confide in them. Maybe it's because people on the internet are generally less judgmental, more sympathetic and friendlier. I think it's probably a combination. Personally though, I think it's because I have trouble talking to people face to face. I don't often have serious conversations about our lives with my friends in real life. If we do, it's usually in the form of texts or facebook/msn messages. It's just easier for me when you can't see each other.

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