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Sunday, 7 August 2011

BEDA Day 7: Religion and stuff

Today is Sunday: traditionally the day of religion I guess. Well, it's the day of christianity at least, it's the day most people go to church etc. So what better day for me to get my views about religion out there?

I was kind of brought up christian. I went to church every Sunday (still do) and went to a church of england primary school but my parents were never very religious. My dad wasn't at all religious but my mum took me to church. We only really started going to church so that I could get into the primary school I went to but, unlike a lot of others, we didn't stop going once I'd got into the school. I don't think my mum thought it was right to just go to get into the school and then just stop so we carried on. We're still there 12 years later.

As I've grown up I've always said I was a christian just because I went to church but now I'm not too sure. I've thought about it a lot and have come to some conclusions about what I believe about God and everything.

I feel like there has to be a God. There has to be something else out there, we can't just have happened. I don't know what but something must have set our existence off and I don't believe that it just happened by chance. But I can't put my finger on what created us. I have no idea what is out there but I know I can't believe that we are alone. It's just not something that I think can be possible. I also don't think that it can be the end when we die; there has to be something else, there just has to be. Again, I have no idea what, I just don't really see why we would be here if there wasn't something at the other end. That's just how I feel about our situation in this place we call the universe. 

Also, fighting between religions annoy me. Based on what I have learnt in RS at school, most religions have the same concepts. They all seem to be based around the fact that there is a God and an afterlife so we need to be good people and worship them in order to have a good afterlife. There are many variations but to me they all seem to be sending that message out, just within different variations. So people fighting because someone is x religion and they are y religion seems like the stupidest thing to me. As far as I know all religions are against violence and killing so that shouldn't happen. It's just one of the many things that happen that remind me how much humans annoy me. To me, the basis of religion seems to be to be a good person and you will be rewarded. This is something that I agree with. I don't know how or when people are rewarded for doing good things but I feel like we are. It's just another thing I feel has to happen. 

I do know what science says about religion, I've studied it in school but there are just some things that I don't think science explains properly. The problem is, we can never truly know how the world was made or what is out there. We have no way of knowing what made the universe, we can only ever come up with theories. It kind of bugs me that some theories are taken as hard facts nowadays. Mainly the big bang theory. The fact that so many people just take it and teach it as fact kind of bugs me because it isn't fact: it is the most widely accepted theory. I don't completely disagree with the theory but I take it as a theory and just a theory because I know that we can never know what happened when the universe was created and I accept it. I'd love to know but I won't ever know and I'm fine with that.

As you can probably gather, I don't know a lot about what happens. I don't even know what I'm thinking a lot of the time but getting it down in writing helps me to sort it out in my head. 

This was probably an "unpopular opinions" blog but hey, they're my opinions!

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