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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

BEDA Day 9: Riots

Unless you've been living under a rock today you will know about the riots happening all over the UK. They're fun. I know that riots have been happening since Saturday but I really wasn't aware of them until today. It was so bad last night that it seems the whole world is talking about them. I can't believe what's happening in our country. It is so weird to see hashtags like PrayForLondon trending. I'm used to seeing them about other places, never anywhere in the UK, it's weird.

These riots really annoy me. It just reminds me that people are stupid. I can understand people protesting about not having enough information about someone being killed but the violence is just pointless. As I know it, they started as a peaceful protest which some stupid people decided to turn violent. I just don't see why. If you are doing this then you are hurting people. You are not only destroying livelihoods but you are also destroying your own towns and cities. It is disgusting and I cannot understand why anyone would do this. It's not fun. It won't help anything. It will just damage your prospects in later life. Mindless violence. That's all it is and I don't get it.

What really gets me about this whole thing, though is the fact that it's teenagers or youths (as the press are calling them) that are doing this. Do they really think doing this will make people respect our generation more? It won't. It'll just give people a worse view of us then they all ready have and in this country teenagers are all ready blamed for so much. It seems to be a common opinion that everyone ages 13-19 are chavs who are up to no good. We're not. We're not all wandering around in black looking depressed either. Some of us are just like grown ups, we've just lived a little less. It annoys me to no end that we're all tarnished with the same brush. Honestly, I don't blame people for thinking we're all violent criminals. We don't exactly get the best coverage in the press, the only things people who don't know teenagers hear about us is the bad things that a minority are doing. I just wish people would stop giving them more fuel.

I have a few theories about why this is happening. As with a lot of people, I partially blame the government. I don't know much about politics etc. but I know enough to know that cuts have been made to youth services and I thing that this may be a big contributing factor. It's the summer holidays. People have been off school for a couple of weeks and they're starting to get bored, it's inevitable. Unfortunately, when some people get bored they will find dangerous things to do. People have got bored and decided to copy what other people did because there's no where else to go. That's why I think it's started. I also feel like there is the thought "they don't like/respect us so why should we?" behind a lot of this. I understand this. I, myself have thought this about teachers, I have deliberately acted up because a supply teacher wasn't showing us respect and the rest of the class were. So I know how they're feeling. But I still can't understand why they're being violent. I can never understand violence, I guess it's just not in my nature. Fighting things with force seems like the stupidest thing; if you push someone they're going to push back.

Thankfully I haven't been personally affected by the riots (touch wood). They were mostly around the London area but it seems like they are slowly making their way through the country. I live in a town in between Manchester and Liverpool and it seems like things have gotten pretty bad in Manchester. It's scary. There were rumors that it was happening in my town but it was just people shit stiring on facebook. Thank God. What is really sick though, is that there is at least one group promoting riots in my town. It's sick. Why would you want to destroy your own town? It's your home. I don't care how bad you think it is, it could be a lot worse.

The moral of today's blog: people are stupid. I will never understand them.

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