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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sharing experiences

As humans we are always influenced by others, it seems to be an innate feature of the himan race. We are social creatures, people around us will always influence us. It's how we work. Sharing experiences is great, it helps everyone. Talking or hearing about an experience can give people strength, motivation and a lifeline during hard times. The people around us shape our lives so much and do so so easily. We are all dependent on other people.

But, at the same time, we are all our own person. We all have different lives, different experiences and different ways that we deal with them. No one person is the same as another. We might go through similar experiences but nothing we ever do will be identical to somebody else, we're individuals who have their own thoughts and their own opinions. We own our lives, our experiences are very personal.

But our differences in life can help others. Seeing that someone else does something a different way may inspire you to change, or it might confirm that you have it right and are doing what's write for you.

However, there is so much power in sharing experiences. You don't have to share your experience, you could keep it to yourself, keep it as something personal. That's fine if it's what you want. But I feel like sharing your thoughts, sharing what you've done and how you've got through something can be a great thing for everyone around you. Sharing an experience with someone can inspire them, it can help them in the way they need it the most or it can just simply make you feel better.

For me, telling someone about something I've done or been through is like therapy. It gets it out of my head and lets me organize my thoughts. Hearing about someone else's experiences inspires me. Knowing that they can do so much and be so strong helps me to strive to be better and to be stronger. Other people will go through different things to what you go through but hearing how they dealt with something gives me strength to know that I can do anything and I'll be alright. Other people are inspiring. You just have to open yourself up to it.

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