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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Taking time for myself

Yesterday I decided to take the day for myself. I'd been stressed about school work and whatnot the whole week and felt like my head was about to explode so I just decided that yesterday was a chill out day for me. It was a day to spend with myself, to help myself. It worked. I had a great day just relaxing and not having to do anything.

Today I had an urge to do a lot of things. So I did. I got things that need to be done done and I did some extra stuff. For once, it felt good. Usually I'm a lazy person, but today doing stuff felt right. It didn't feel like I had too much to think about and not enough brain space, which is a feeling I have experienced often this past week. It just felt good.

These were very different days but they were both good days.

Looking back on it now, the majority of both these days was spent doing things that I'd decided to do for me. Both days I was helping myself and motivating myself to just do what I felt like doing and to simply be me without other interference or having pressing jobs that simply had to be done by the end of the day. I was doing everything I did for me and no one else and it made me happy.

I think maybe I need more days like these. Days where I do things because it's what I want. After these two days I feel very relaxed and more peaceful with myself. I feel like this is what I needed. For the last week I've just felt as if my thoughts could not fit into my own head and it was exhausting, I couldn't think clearly and nothing was helping. But after these two days I feel good. My head feels clear and I feel good. Taking time for myself this weekend was the best decision I could possibly have made.

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